Giles Smith - Group Managing Director
Tim Smith - Group Strategy Director
Neil Smith - Group Technology Director
Simon Upton - Group Commercial Director
Kevin Robins - Group Enterprise Delivery Director


Through technology and marketing innovation, GForces delivers the most effective digital strategies for leading vehicle retailer groups and manufacturers.

Established in 1999, GForces is run by six actively involved directors, each of whom takes responsibility for a particular element of the business.

Our goal is to make the internet profitable for our automotive clients, achieved through a combination of industry-leading technology, highly-focused web marketing and professional services spanning the breadth of the online environment.

We explain this goal through our mission statement, ‘driving the digital dealership’. Simply put, this involves translating as much of the motor retailing experience as possible to the online environment. From the perspective of the connected consumer, a website is central to a retailer’s business.

At GForces, we separate the most important factors when creating a digital dealership into three key areas, which we call the GForces Trinity: Web Platform, Web Management and Web Marketing.


The GForces Trinity is the philosophy that guides our every action. It ensures we introduce pioneering technology and constantly innovate. It also means that these advances can be successfully applied to our clients’ businesses. By fusing together the best technology, driving a cultural shift towards digital and integrating techniques that reach the right consumers, the GForces Trinity has delivered unparalleled success across our client base.

We also recognise that partnering with relevant, value-adding businesses is extremely important in today’s complex digital environment. It is one of GForces’ philosophies that by collaborating with other software companies, service providers and industry specialists, we can offer a more complete set of digital tools to the automotive industry. Collaboration, alongside pushing the boundaries and staying ahead of the curve, enables us to drive our success and that of our clients.

GForces has its headquarters at Corbin Business Park in the heart of the Kent countryside, and also operates a number of offices across the UK.
We also have a development team in Gdansk, Poland, for key technology projects and software, a new office in Dubai, and an office in Amsterdam
to support our growing international business.

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GForces’ awards

AM Awards2014Best Dealer WebsiteTates Motor Group
AM Awards2013Best Dealer WebsiteMana Premiere
AM Awards2011Best Dealer WebsiteHarwoods
Auto Trader Click Awards2013Best Dealer WebsiteJardine Motors Group
Auto Trader Click Awards2010Best Car Supermarket for Purchase IntentThe Car Shop
Car Dealer Used Car Awards2015Dealer Used Car Website of the YearHarwoods Group
Car Dealer Used Car Awards2014Dealer Used Car Website of the YearNicholas Mee
Car Dealer Ewards2011Multi-Franchised Dealer Website of the YearCitygate
Car Dealer Ewards2011Independent Dealer Website of the YearThe Ferrari Centre
Car Dealer Ewards2010Best Franchised Dealer WebsiteHills Ford
Car Dealer Ewards2010Best Independent Dealer WebsiteThame Service Centre
Car Dealer Ewards2009Best Franchised Dealer WebsiteEssex Auto Group
Car Dealer Ewards2009Best Car Supermarket WebsiteThe Car Shop
Car Dealer Ewards2008Best Franchised Dealer WebsiteLifestyle Europe
Car Dealer Power Awards2016Website Provider – For Franchised DealersGForces
Car Dealer Power Awards2014Innovation of the Year award for Sky AdSmartGForces
Car Dealer Power Awards2013Best Website Design – Franchised DealersGForces
Car Dealer Power Awards2012Best Website Design – Franchised DealersGForces
Car Dealer Power Awards2011Best Digital SpecialistGForces
Motor Trader Awards2014Best Dealer WebsiteH.R Owen
Motor Trader Awards2014Best Digital InitiativeRidgeway
Motor Trader Awards2013Best Dealer WebsiteH.R Owen
Motor Trader Awards2013Best Mobile Dealer WebsiteEssex Auto Group
Motor Trader Awards2012Best Dealer WebsiteLookers Group plc
Motor Trader Awards2011Best Dealer WebsiteCitygate
Motor Trader Awards2010Best Innovation of the YearNetDirector LeadBeast
Motor Trader Awards2009Best Dealer Marketing AwardThe Car Shop
Education Business Partnership2015Outstanding Employer ContributionGForces
Education Business Partnership2014Outstanding Employer ContributionGForces
Education Business Partnership2013Outstanding Employer ContributionGForces
Education Business Partnership2012Outstanding Employer ContributionGForces
Education Business Partnership2011Outstanding Employer ContributionGForces
Education Business Partnership2010Outstanding Employer ContributionGForces
LSE’s 1000 Companies to Inspire Britain2016A Company to Inspire BritainGForces
LSE’s 1000 Companies to Inspire Britain2015A Company to Inspire BritainGForces
LSE’s 1000 Companies to Inspire Britain2014A Company to Inspire BritainGForces
Medway Education Business Partnership2016Medway Education Business Partner for 2016GForces