Automotive Retail Solutions

GForces’ work with more of the UK’s leading automotive groups than any other company gives us a unique insight into what works – and what doesn’t – when creating a robust digital strategy. From building a retail website with our industry-leading NetDirector software, to marketing your online presence effectively, we have the expertise to make it work.

Our product suite is designed to fulfil the needs of motor retailers in the digital age. Each individual product performs a function online which would traditionally take place in the showroom or offline, from marketing, through to conversion, sales and aftersales. When deployed together with a robust, intelligence-led digital strategy, the NetDirector product streams enable retailers to exceed the needs of the connected consumer, gaining and retaining more business within their networks. NetDirector-powered web strategies have won more awards from the UK automotive industry than any other and it’s a record we are committed to continuing.

We also help people in your organisation learn and engage with NetDirector tools. Our range of Professional Services are often the spark that helps drive significant increases in conversion and revenue across a retail group. The GForces Academy is also providing the most innovative and forward-thinking training in the industry. From helping manage your digital dealership through to training and developing staff at all levels of a business, we can help you thrive online.

This enviable reputation is aiding NetDirector software in becoming the platform of choice for global car companies, beating competition from more established players. We work to become your partner, not just a supplier, helping you make the most of digital through a long-term, results-driven relationship.

GForces Product Suite

NetDirector Sales Suite
The NetDirector Sales Suite is the foundation upon which vehicle retailers create their digital dealerships. It comprises the platform and essential tools through which businesses can represent their brand, their stock and their operations via desktop and mobile devices as well as within their physical locations.

NetDirector Comms Suite
Automotive retailing relies on effective communication between dealer and customer. This interaction will ideally lead to a productive relationship that can last many years. NetDirector Comms Suite uses the web to create new paths to conversation – firmly on the consumer’s terms – and tracks the effectiveness of the way in which dealers are using them.

NetDirector Conversion Suite
NetDirector conversion tools help retailers turn their online presence from a website into a digital dealership. With products which strengthen brand profile, offer third-party reviews of the cars they sell and allow consumers to work out whether they can afford their desired vehicle, it is possible to convert more browsers into buyers.

NetDirector Aftersales Suite
GForces’ NetDirector Aftersales Suite takes the vital aftersales elements of car retailer businesses and markets them online, increasing consumer convenience and making the web more profitable. Comprising tools which enable consumers to book their car in for scheduled maintenance, buy a service plan or parts, it helps retailers exploit this key profit centre.

Professional Services
GForces’ Professional Services can help dealers exploit the web to best effect. The services include web management on behalf of dealers, creative services through which digital dealerships are enhanced with rich media and contact centre services to help time-pressed businesses capture more leads. They are there to take the weight off of retailers’ shoulders.

GForces Academy
The GForces Academy has been created to provide training and on-going development programmes applicable to all motor retail staff from CEOs to front-line sales people. Through it we leverage our unrivalled experience and insight into the automotive retail sector to aid clients in embracing the internet as a core part of their day-to-day operations.

Total Digital Marketing
To meet the high demands of digital marketing in a crowded industry, GForces has devised Total Digital Marketing (TDM). This comprehensive range of services can be utilised individually or together to create targeted, ultra relevant and compelling marketing campaigns to promote your business. We provide marketing functions ranging from SEO through to television advertising via Sky AdSmart.

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