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GForces’ innovative approach to digital media has spurred us to create an expert team to provide scalable, visually rich digital media content of the highest quality to manufacturers and automotive retailers across the globe. We call this Digital Media Services.

There are four key product verticals that sit under Digital Media Services:


‘Bring your brand into focus’

Rich digital assets are the cornerstone of any manufacturer’s current and future digital strategy. They encourage consumer engagement and promote the brand experience with continuity throughout the customer journey.

At the heart of every marketing strategy is the use of professional imagery, video and interactive digital content. To ensure manufacturers can have these in place, GForces has developed a unique library set of digital assets for the automotive industry.

NetDirector Assets covers numerous areas, from interactive 360 interiors and exteriors of new models, to professional digital video and image asset libraries of almost every model in the UK. Vehicle manufacturers can now enhance their digital content experience with NetDirector Assets.

Deploying by GForces’ media assets, Drift Bridge Group increased page dwell time by over double, as well has halving page bounce rate. (GForces)

‘Dont copy – create’

Bespoke, professionally-created video and animations can dramatically increase traffic to dealer websites, keeping users there for longer by offering customers easily digestible in-depth information about a dealer’s business. Our in-house Digital Creative Team has a wide professional skillset ranging from 3D rendering and motion graphics, to broadcast-quality video production for use via Sky AdSmart’s targeted advertising solution.

Creating highly-relevant media content is a key focus of our in-house team, helping you to allow your customers to progress further through the purchasing cycle.

69% of all consumer internet traffic will be video-based by 2017 and video-on-demand traffic alone will have almost trebled. (Cisco)



‘Creating the seamless experience’

Showroom Solutions encompasses technology within the showroom that engages the customer whilst they are active within the dealership. These solutions range from interactive touch screens to tailored messaging delivered via our digital signage platform. As technology develops GForces is working on new exciting ways to interact with the customer with both augmented and virtual reality experiences firmly on the radar.

In-showroom digital displays can increase the amount of time a customer spends there by up to 56%. (Nielsen)

‘Dont tell customers your story. show them’

GForces has developed a range of tools to help dealers get the most from the way they present used car stock online.

We group these products and services under the umbrella term ‘Digital Stock Preparation’.

Digital Stock Preparation ensures vehicle stock is promoted via the internet in the best possible format and also ensures the processes required to achieve this are cost effective and save time on current practices.

High-quality online vehicle listings can have a highly positive effect on conversion rates. With new and used cars, consumers want to gain the deepest insight and greatest overview before they commit to a purchase. Consumers are increasingly looking beyond photography to visualise a car.

In GForces’ experience, high quality assets appended to vehicles can increase conversion by as much as eight times over those with little or no quality imagery. (GForces)