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Guaranteed quality for every image


NetDirector Image QA has two primary functions. Firstly, to accept or reject dealer vehicle images based on a consistent set of standards.


Secondly, enhanced backgrounds replace the current background of a vehicle image with a professional stock image, or dealer location image.

GForces has developed a range of tools to help dealers get the most from the way they present used car stock online. These guarantee that vehicle stock is promoted via the internet in the best possible format and also ensures the processes required to achieve this are cost- and time-effective compared to current practices.

NetDirector Image QA is a core part of effective digital stock preparation. It eliminates the chances of a retailer adding sub-standard images to their stock listings by putting each and every one they take through an outsourced QA process. Poor images are rejected so they can never make a dealer website.

In addition, we offer background enhancement so that regardless of your showroom’s space limitations and wider location, you can have attractive imagery on your website.

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GForces’ enhanced background service replaces the current background of a vehicle image with a professional or dealer location scene which is more visually appealing to car buyers. Not all dealers have the luxury of extensive properties and space. Unavoidable locations often include unsightly items in the background such as bins, people or reflections in the dealer windows. This service ensures untidy backgrounds on exterior images are removed and replaced with a more appropriate background.

The background can be either a suitable photograph of the dealer’s location, or a professionally created background from GForces’ stock library. GForces stock library is growing daily and consists of hundreds of images to choose from to ensure backgrounds can match the brand requirements of each dealer subscribing to Image QA.



“GForces’ experience demonstrates that retailers are eight times more likely to gain leads if their stock has high quality imagery against it. Good images also help increase key metrics such as dwell time and click-through rates. Less tangible, but no less important is the way in which NetDirector Image QA ensures a business portrays a premium look and feel through its imagery.”

Tim Smith, Group Strategy Director, GForces, 2015






NetDirector Image QA is managed by a specially trained team of Image QA experts who will assess images and accept or reject images based on a pre-defined set of guidelines. By outsourcing to GForces, you can spend more time on management and your business with the peace of mind of consistent used car images.


“I would definitely recommend NetDirector Image QA to other retailers”

Paula Kemp, Marketing Manager, Birchwood Group