NetDirector Service Booking

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NetDirector Service Booking is a system that enables customers to schedule service appointments online 24/7 without the need to speak to a service advisor.


The importance of aftersales as a medium for customer engagement should not be underestimated. Automotive searches on Google are dominated by aftersales with MOTs being the most searched for. However, a GForces study of 2,000 motorists showed that 37% aren’t even aware that franchised retailers offer MOTs – an area where fast-fit garages dominate. Servicing is no better, as 66% of car owners won’t use a franchised retailer for scheduled work.

It's no longer enough to have a service enquiry form on a page on a website and hope that customers will complete it and request a call back. Customers want transparent, immediate pricing and the ability to schedule an appointment now. This is where GForces’ online service booking system comes in.


NetDirector Service Booking levels the aftersales playing field. It enables franchised retailer customers to generate a simple quote and book a service or MOT online via a franchised retailer website.


Service prices are generated from a simple make / model or engine size table. If you wish to go into greater detail, service pricing can be calculated based on all manner of costs entered in the system settings.

The system can be configured so you can allocate a proportion of the available workshop hours for online service booking and set separate lead times for standard bookings, collection and delivery and loan cars. The system will then reduce the hours available when bookings are made through the system.

71% of car owners don’t think that franchised retailers do a better job than fast-fits and independent operations, while less than a quarter think that franchised retailers are clearest on pricing.
GForces Consumer Survey, 2013


NetDirector Service Booking allows customers to:

  • Quickly find the price for a service via a registration number lookup (you can add manufacturer scheduled servicing or fixed price servicing offers for older vehicles)
  • Choose a service location
  • Schedule an appointment from a booking calendar
  • Add additional service options such as MOTs, brake fluid changes or air conditioning services
  • Book a loan car while their car is serviced

Harwoods offers comprehensive aftersales, and maximising the accessibility of this business area led them to install NetDirector Service Booking on its website.

Results from the 'live' date in November 2012 include:

  • Revenue for January and February 2013 of over £40,000
  • February 2013 alone saw 76 bookings via NetDirector Service Bookings
    • Up from 8 in February 2012, when Harwoods used an enquiry form
    • 68 additional opportunities to upsell
    • An 850% increase in bookings via the web