NetDirector Reevoo

Harness the power of consumer reviews


Reevoo provides review and social commerce tools that help you attract, inform, understand and retain your customers.


Conversations about your business are already taking place online and offline, and they are not being influenced by traditional advertising or your motor retailer website. GForces’ exclusive partnership with Reevoo enables automotive retailers to harness the power of customer conversations by putting trustworthy car reviews, recommendations and buyer-to-owner Q&As on their own websites. We help you attract, inform, understand and retain your customers more effectively, increasing both revenues and customer satisfaction.

GForces’ advanced, modular solution means that Reevoo can be added to your existing NetDirector platform and adapted to your needs, offering better results than any other review tool – and we guarantee those results with SLAs.

  • Conversion rates double when people read Reevoo reviews
  • Make your motor retailer website deliver a higher number of better-qualified leads
  • Increase search engine traffic and rankings by using search-optimised Reevoo car reviews
  • Improve long-term loyalty and lock-in valuable service revenues
  • Use real customer feedback to guide your marketing, sales and CSI
  • Ensure credibility, with 100% genuine car reviews from confirmed customers only

Boost your sales by 18% on average by quickly collecting high volumes of engaging, genuine and sharable car reviews and publishing them across your site, advertising material and the social web.
Keith Brock, Managing Director, Wessex Garages, 2013

  • Founded in 2005
  • Trusted by more than 150 leading brands, including Ford Retail, Kia, What Car?, and automotive retailers across the country
  • More than 750,000,000 Reevoo reviews used by consumers every month

Seven out of 10 people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations
Reach Local, 2013


To help track internally – and demonstrate externally – Wessex's customer-focused approach, NetDirector Reevoo was incorporated at a group and individual franchise level, beginning in February 2013.

The impact of NetDirector Reevoo has been significant:

  • An increase from 3.3 minutes on site without viewing Reevoo to over 15 minutes with (nearly 374% up on pre-Reevoo site performance)
  • Average page-views per visit up from 3.28 to nearly 10, an increase of almost 200%
  • Return visits have increased from an already strong 49.15% to over 62%, an increase of over 27%
  • Pay-per-click click-through-rate has increased from 1.26% in the four months before Reevoo to 1.58% in the four months after it was implemented

"Reevoo helps us increase conversation with customers, demonstrates our transparent business practices and delivers results into our business. It is a must-have tool for franchised dealers seeking to improve the engagement with customers."
Martyna Westerlink, Head of Marketing and Digital Media,
Wessex Garages, 2013