About Email Marketing

Automotive Email Marketing


Any offer or product can be promoted directly to your contact list with email marketing. We can customise campaigns to target individuals or groups based upon your CRM data. Compared to direct mail, email marketing offers benefits including immediacy and the ability to schedule mailings for a specific time.

Cost effective

Email Marketing is one of the cheapest forms of online marketing. Compared to telemarketing, print adverts or direct marketing, it allows links to be embedded in messages, driving traffic to the specific page on your website that is most relevant to the campaign. Optimised content and conversion tools then do the hard work for you.


We track the open-rate, click-through rate and even conversion of your email marketing campaigns, telling you how well it has worked and how we can optimise performance next time around. Average opens are typically between 20-40% – a potentially huge number of people when viewed in the context of a group’s customer list.

Improve awareness

Regular email messages – developed with GForces’ industry experience and a motor retailer’s knowledge of their product and customers – are honed with text and logos alongside other visual content that promotes opening and reinforces company and product awareness. Email can also nurture quality customer relations.