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Right content, right visitor, right time.


Retargeting helps to draw visitors back to your website, giving more opportunity to convert them into a customer.

Upselling products and services is a key part of automotive retail marketing. However, the era of online media has added a unique twist to this old concept: instead of trying to get consumers who made purchases in the past to buy again, what about getting consumers who didn't convert to buy for the first time?

About Retargeting

Automotive Retargeting Marketing

With digital content, relevance is a key measure for choice and action. Retargeting, or retargeted marketing, utilises personalised marketing messages in the form of tailored advertisements that re-engage with potential customers when they visit other sites.

Each personalised advert is created instantaneously, optimising the placement, imagery and products displayed to achieve the highest click-through rate. Tracking click-throughs demonstrates that overall conversions increase when retargeting is used.


of customers will return to a site through retargeting. This is up from 8% of customers who return to a site without retargeting.

SeeWhy via eConsultancy, January 2014

About Retargeting
Keith Brock, Managing Director, Wessex Garages. 2014

“Retargeted advertising gives us several advantages over other forms of digital advertising. Firstly, it offers excellent value for money with regard to the leads delivered into the business. Secondly, it creates a huge number of impressions – that is to say the number of people being exposed to our brand. Finally, retargeting can be seen by a potential customer multiple times, driving them back to our website.”

Keith Brock, Managing Director, Wessex Garages, 2014



By retargeting consumers who have already been to your website, you focus your efforts on your most valuable prospects.

  • Most website visitors leave without becoming a lead; retargeting encourages them back to your website.
  • Free brand awareness as it works on a cost per click (CPC) basis – if nobody clicks on the personalised advert, you don’t pay.
  • Millions of impressions are typical, helping you leverage the internet’s reach.


How it works

1. While browsing your website, retargeting tags your potential customers with an anonymous cookie and then tracks the product they have shown interest in.

2. When they leave your website and visit other pages on the internet, retargeting tracks them and displays unique personalised banner ads featuring product-level recommendations based on their visit to your site.

3. Each banner is created in real time, optimising the placement, creative and products displayed to achieve the highest click-through rate.