About VSEO

About VSEO

The sensory appeal of video provides a more immediate impact than text. The interest generated by video can be invaluable in turning a casual observer into an interested lead, ready to investigate your business in further detail. GForces has a proven track record in keeping clients ahead of their competition by capitalising on the latest VSEO trends, and we use the most effective methods and techniques to improve the visibility of your online videos.

The best way of gaining the interest of new customers is to ensure that your videos are at the top of organic search rankings. [The decision by Google to give higher scores to video in blended search only emphasises the importance of a coherent VSEO strategy.]

Through our detailed monthly reports, you will be able to see for yourself the significance of video content and VSEO as part of a highly profitable marketing strategy.



of customers use video when researching a used car and 47% watch video car reviews ahead of purchase.

AM Used car market conference, September 2013