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NetDirector LeadBeast

Tying together the results from multiple marketing mediums is powerful intelligence for a motor retailer. Knowing which types of marketing produce the most leads can drive efficiencies and help deliver incremental improvements in the results a business can derive from the promotion it undertakes.

NetDirector LeadBeast makes this possible. Designed specifically for the automotive industry, it pulls together huge amounts of lead data from both online and offline sources and presents them to users through a single, easy to understand dashboard. Doing so makes intelligence-driven marketing possible.

About NetDirector LeadBeast
About NetDirector LeadBeast

About NetDirector LeadBeast

NetDirector LeadBeast, the world’s first lead tracking tool for multi-faceted vehicle retail marketing programmes, has now been improved. The system consolidates all of the leads and enquiries generated by sales channels – phone and web – in one easy-to-understand dashboard, enabling motor retailers to identify those marketing campaigns that are working and those ones that are not. By also tracking the expenditure on each marketing channel against the leads it creates, accurate cost per lead figures are possible.

This is hugely powerful as it helps motor retailers get closer to the ‘holy grail’ of marketing:

£X marketing spend = £Y sales return

NetDirector LeadBeast underpins next-generation web management. Each new NetDirector product, where relevant, works side-by-side with NetDirector LeadBeast, helping retailers to evolve their marketing strategies into intelligence-led business discipline.



  • Accurate measurement – Accurately measure online or offline advertising cost per lead by assigning budgets to each marketing element. Track phone calls, website enquiries, online subscriptions, and website interactions. For specific marketing campaigns set up in NetDirector Campaign Manager, it’s possible to gain a full overview of a marketing campaign’s effectiveness.
  • Drill down – It is possible to drill down to granular statistics of how consumers interact with a retailer website. In addition, retailers can look at to the time and geography of web traffic and leads, helping to identify ‘hot spots’ of activity which can be exploited through targeted marketing.
  • Integrated into NetDirector – The new-generation NetDirector LeadBeast is accessed via the NetDirector single sign-on console, complete with full analytics reporting and easy to read dashlets.
  • Slice the information by advertising channels, marketing campaigns or both – You choose what report matters most; NetDirector LeadBeast will allow you to gain insight into the departments and areas of your business and understand relative performance over any date range.
Neil Smith, Group Technology Director, GForces, 2014

“Being able to manage campaigns from one central source allows retailers to address key issues and highlight what is performing strongest so they can better direct their expenditure. NetDirector LeadBeast is playing a pivotal role in marketing strategies and has greatly reduced unnecessary noise in the market, allowing Groups to target the best sources of hard leads.”

Neil Smith, Group Technology Director, GForces, 2014

GForces tracked 10 major retailer groups from June 2012 through to June 2014 to establish the impact that NetDirector LeadBeast had on marketing efficiency. Campaign data from all forms of media was monitored to establish how marketing budgets could focus on the most cost-efficient media. Acting on results from the campaign monitoring functionality, the participating retailers experienced an average decrease in cost per lead of 57.55%, with the average cost of a lead across all forms of media dropping from over £8 to less than £4.

June 2012 CPL (cost per lead) TotalJune 2014 CPL TotalDrop in CPL% Drop

Group 1£12.96£9.48£3.4826.85%
Group 2£12.65£1.93£10.7284.74%
Group 3£4.76£2.69£2.0743.48%
Group 4£4.99£4.29£0.7014.02%
Group 5£9.66£3.49£6.1763.87%
Group 6£12.90£3.75£9.1570.93%
Group 7£7.47£3.83£3.6448.72%
Group 8£10.49£2.06£8.4380.36%
Group 9£4.83£2.72£2.1143.68%
Group 10£3.40£1.49£1.9156.17%