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NetDirector CAP Valuations

CAP Automotive is the recognised benchmark for new, current and future vehicle values across the UK. As the leading researcher and producer of independent data in the UK, CAP produces millions of pieces of information both on a monthly basis and in real-time and is trusted by many trade professionals and consumer organisations to help them reduce their risk and increase profit.

NetDirector CAP valuations inform potential customers about the true value of the vehicle adding another piece to the purchasing puzzle.

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About NetDirector CAP Valuations

NetDirector CAP Valuation Software

During the buying process, there is one figure that consumers are seeking; the cost to change. Getting an accurate idea of what this figure will be isn’t easy, however. Consumers can visit any number of websites to find out what an equivalent car to theirs might be worth but with numerous factors at play, consumers can be left disappointed when they find out the true value of their car.

NetDirector CAP Valuations is a plug-in vehicle valuation tool which can be used on any website. A consumer enters their vehicle details and receives an indicative valuation from the dealership based on up-to-date trade figures. The interface captures a consumer’s details when a valuation is performed which are then sent to the dealer.

NetDirector CAP Valuations is a great way of creating trust by providing a sense of transparency. Communicating an indicative part exchange valuation online, that a salesperson can follow up on in person, ensures a customer knows the price they are being offered is fair. Transparency in this way leads to trust, and when a customer trusts a business, they are far more likely to transact with it.



What can NetDirector CAP Valuations do for you?


  • Content manageable – Retailers can manage the valuations returned by entering percentage change or monetary discounts/uplifts against CAP values on a vehicle make, model group, variant and trim level. A retailer can also determine a minimum and maximum valuation threshold and exclude vehicles on which a valuation will not be generated.
  • Plug-in tool – NetDirector CAP Valuations can be used on any web platform, regardless of whether it’s a NetDirector system or from a third party provider. Set-up is quick and simple so a business can realise the benefits much sooner.
  • Gain insight on potential customers – The CAP Valuations system provides retailers with the contact details of the person who undertook a valuation as well as the details of the car they valued. This then enables showroom staff to follow-up on a lead in the full knowledge of a prospect’s vehicle and its trade-in value.
  • Automatically updated – NetDirector CAP Valuations mines vehicle data directly from CAP, meaning that the system will always return up-to-date figures to a consumer without any input required by the dealer.
Fabien Desir, Sales Manager, Brindley Nissan, 2014

“We have found NetDirector CAP Valuations to be highly effective at bringing qualified leads into the business. The quality of these leads is often so high that there is very real competition between sales staff to follow-up with consumers who have used it. As NetDirector CAP Valuations gives us both the contact details and present vehicle of the user, it enables us to tailor our contact strategy appropriately meaning that from first contact, we are building a genuine relationship with them.”

Fabien Desir, Sales Manager, Brindley Nissan, 2014