NetDirector Sales Suite

NetDirector Stock

The essential data feed management tool.

NetDirector Stock

NetDirector Stock is an established and highly trusted technology platform for administering all used retail stock. It is widely embraced within the industry thanks to its intuitive interface that helps retailers and vehicle manufacturers control their stock more efficiently.

Packed with features which make the handling of used franchised retail vehicles more straightforward, NetDirector Stock can cleanse, match and enhance data whilst feeding it to the most visited portals in the UK and abroad.

About NetDirector Stock

NetDirector Stock: Data Feed Management

Already in use with some of the world’s leading retail groups, manufacturers and classified listing partners, NetDirector Stock is the inventory ‘engine room’ of the industry. It has been engineered specifically to cater for the specific requirements of the complex automotive retail environment. Highly adaptable, NetDirector Stock enables retailers to manage group stock to a level of complexity suited to their unique business operations.

Pioneering technological advancements and reporting tools that support the data feed process have been developed by GForces and applied to NetDirector Stock. These advancements allow retailers to improve vehicle data quality in an extremely user-friendly manner, offering a rich and intuitive experience, simultaneously reducing time spent on re-keying inaccurate feed data to used car portals.

To ensure best coverage, NetDirector Stock is tuned to feed to the most important portals in the UK:

  • Auto Trader
  • VCars (AA Cars)
  • Pistonheads
  • Sunday Times Driving
  • eBay Motors
About NetDirector Stock

“NetDirector Stock frees up precious time for a motor retailer that is currently wasted through administration of multiple sales channels. It allows a retailer to proactively manage and monitor their vehicle stock advertising across the cluttered landscape of used-vehicle classified advertising in the UK and across the most frequented classified sites in the market.”

Tim Smith, Group Strategy Director, GForces, 2014



  • Single or multiple image upload and YouTube video integration.
  • Retailers can manage stock exports to third parties, including portals, with quotas assigned to ensure efficient use of marketing spend.
  • Optional ‘Research’ module compares price points against similar vehicles listed within NetDirector Stock.
  • Advanced filtering options.
  • Intelligent vehicle search enables teams to search site and group stock based on keywords or VRM lookup.
  • Integration with data embellishment providers such as CAP or Kee Resources.
  • Advanced reporting for missing images, showing site breakdown and including average time for image upload as well as average number of images per vehicle.