The bedrock of online marketing


Natural search delivers more leads to the automotive sector than any other channel and SEO is all about unlocking that.


SEO is the bedrock of digital marketing. Getting it right is perhaps the single most important aspect of running a digital dealership, and this requires an in-depth knowledge of how modern search engines generate results. You can build a perfect website, but its content can remain invisible unless a search engine can ‘see’ it.

This is due to the nature of search technology, which relies on the metrics of relevance and importance to display results. The way search engines like Google find and rank websites is also constantly changing. Remaining on top of these changes and getting the most from them through consistent site and site structure updates is a key part of our SEO offering.

In practice, GForces' SEO can help generate up to 60% of all the sales opportunities in your dealership, at typically less than £3.00 per lead.

53% of all participants say SEO makes the biggest impact on lead generation, followed by 28% for PPC and 19% for social media
Seohorizon, July 2013

"We were happy to spend on PPC in the beginning but were worried it was more of an on-going spend rather than a temporary measure. GForces suggested we approach SEO and PPC with an integrated attitude and share data between the two disciplines. My fear of minimising my PPC budget and losing leads was proved wrong as GForces’ SEO and PPC demonstrated a much stronger search engine marketing strategy combined. Our natural search results that have been powered by GForces' efforts now account for our most significant amount of leads."
Brian Gilda, Chairman & Managing Director, Peoples Cars, 2013


SEO begins with the initial optimisation of the site and alignment in the search engines. Once these foundations are in place, the next phase consists of monthly maintenance and quarterly evaluation of results, with adjustments to the site when required.

The amount of time required to see the results of SEO work range anywhere from two weeks to a few months. This is dependent on how often search engines update their index and subsequently re-rank sites. Typically, SEO benefits are evident by the end of the third month of a campaign.

The reason businesses outsource SEO to a specialist is because large amounts of time, attention and expertise are needed to achieve the desired results. In automotive there is a lot of competition in a crowded marketplace, with numerous dealers – independent and franchised – as well as manufacturers vying to top the search rankings. The expense of adding the personnel and resources required to get noticed would quickly outweigh the cost of hiring a company, which is why outsourcing is by far the most popular method of maximising SEO performance.

  • Easily found – SEO helps people find your website when searching for relevant phrases. This helps your website rank higher than your competitors’ in search results
  • Universal Search – By optimising elements such as Universal Search Metrics and Google Plus your site is potentially exposed to many more people in the search engines
  • Cost effective – SEO is highly cost effective. Once your website is optimised for the most relevant terms, only maintenance is required. You can then divert money into other marketing activity to further boost traffic and leads
  • Highly targeted – SEO optimises your website for terms, words and phrases which are highly relevant to your business, ensuring the right people are visiting your site
  • Measurable results – Unlike many forms of traditional marketing activities, with SEO you can easily measure results, see the cost effectiveness of a campaign and calculate an accurate return on investment