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GForces helps automotive dealers and manufacturers meet the challenge of delivering to today’s connected consumer. Our digital engineers forge next-generation technology and software that help our clients nurture more dynamic, productive, and profitable relationships with their customers. You’ll find our NetDirector® software empowering independent retailers, large dealer groups, and manufacturers around the world.

We’ve analysed billions of car buyer interactions on our websites, generating unrivalled insights and market intelligence as a result, enabling us to support your website with dynamic digital marketing too.

A flexible buying journey
One of the key things we know is, ultimately, dealers want to do things at their pace. And, another key thing we’ve learnt is, consumers genuinely want to buy from dealers. That’s why our platform is focused on keeping customers onsite without being redirected (or transferring ownership) to a third party. It’s also why our platform allows you to sell directly through your website, if that’s what you want. If you don’t, then it has the flexibility to accommodate everything else you do want. It’s that simple.

Safe and secure

NetDirector® Auto-e enables you to sell online with confidence. Direct payments are protected by advanced encryption, certified to the latest PCI DSS standards. It also benefits from automated fraud detection and prevention tools, as well as a robust infrastructure that keeps it secure from hacking. And, as carrier-grade software, operating in over 60 countries around the world, you can count on NetDirector® Auto-e to be extremely reliable.

Ecommerce for automotive retail

NetDirector® Auto-e is a next-generation, performance focused platform that delivers impressive conversion. Its scalable ecommerce infrastructure also enables you to sell vehicles online in the way that suits your business best. You may just want to take deposits and full cash payments online. Or, if you want full end-to-end ecommerce, complete with online finance applications and instance credit decisions, you can have that too. NetDirector® Auto-e enables you to embrace ecommerce at your own pace.

A dynamic, responsive, omnichannel solution for dealers and manufacturer retail networks.

Empowered engagement

NetDirector® Auto-e empowers consumers by providing all the tools they need to complete an end-to-end buying journey online. It delivers a seamless user experience for buyers, and for retailers, it’s a fully functioning digital dealership that’s open for business 24/7.

Consumer convenience

Through its innovative “My Account” portal, NetDirector® Auto-e enables your customers to take control of their buying journey. They can complete each stage of the purchase path at their leisure, and save their progress as they go. This echoes the process found on multiple ecommerce platforms outside of the industry, and helps establish trust through transparency and convenience.


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