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Sell more. Do less.

Introducing the end-to-end search engine solution that dynamically changes your ads in line with your stock. It adjusts to your inventory volumes and pricing in real-time, targets local buyers, and enables you to promote specific stock.

Powered by our AdTech technology, Automated Stock Ads enable you to create highly-targeted Google Search Advertising that uses automation to link a user’s keyword searches to your inventory. That means the right message goes to the right consumers, at the right time.

Low costs. High performance.
Automated Stock Ads appear on Google and Bing, combining low cost per click with higher quality pay-per-click performance and conversion. Intelligent inventory-based rules and pricing keep everything in check, without you having to lift a finger. It’s also backed by comprehensive analytics and reporting.

45% decrease in

Our clients report a considerable drop in cost-per lead as well as
a natural increase in conversion rate.

All gain. No pain.

Adverts change dynamically based on your stock

Smart landing page configurations

Real-time, automatic stock availability and pricing updates

Multiple, relevant listings for every ad

Targets local buyers and promotes specific stock

Detailed performance reporting

Drives higher quality PPC traffic and conversion

24/7 coverage, 365 days a year

Available to any automotive retailer

Low cost per click


Infinite possibilities

Match every possible user search with a tailored landing page showcasing all eligible stock. No more single vehicle landing pages - instead, deliver a comprehensive choice of multiple listings, all relevant to the user’s search query.

Match every possible user search with a tailored landing page showcasing all eligible stock.


How it works
Automated Stock Ads are incredibly simple and easy to set up.
First, we configure a daily feed based on your business objectives. For instance, if you want to advertise your vehicles that have been in stock longer than 30 days, that's where we'll focus. You'll have complete oversight on your ad messaging, and will be able to build in your unique selling points too.
Our AdTech engine then takes all the key components - ad creatives, geo-targeting, and feed parameters, and builds them into activated, dynamic, localised, up-to-date stock-based campaigns.
Your budget is then allocated and updated using smart, intuitive defaults based on your stock volumes. And you get full insight into your campaigns through detailed performance reporting. It's that simple.


24/7, 365 days a year

With Automated Stock Ads, your campaigns are managed and optimised around-the-clock.

We use real-time stock volume to allocate budget more efficiently and effectively. This means models with high stock volume receive a proportionate amount of budget, which is updated daily to maximise effectiveness.

The AdTech engine enables our Automated Stock Ads to utilise advanced optimisation techniques, providing round the clock management of your campaigns that is far superior to human counterparts. Fully automated, they run all day, every day, without you having to lift a finger.

Minimum input. Maximum results.

Our clients report a considerable drop in cost-per-lead (up to 45%*) as well as a natural increase in conversion rate. Automated Stock Ads is a solution designed to boost the performance of your paid search advertising, as well as reduce costs and make the most of your resources.

That means no longer spending the same amount on each model, whether you have 1 or 100 in stock. It also means targeting specific postcodes, and being able to increase or decrease your campaign parameters (like budget, stock levels, or focusing on locations where a competitor may have recently stopped operating). It's the future of used car campaign management.

If you'd like to optimise the results you see through paid search advertising, speak to one of our AdTech specialists to find out more.


*NetDirector® BI, January 2020

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