Browser Policy

Browser Policy

4.1.1 General Guidance

1. Statistics for browser support are based on information collected from the following two data sources

  • Backend - all NetDirector Console traffic filtered to non-gforces IP addresses
  • Frontend - all NetDirector Auto v8 and Auto v10 traffic filtered to non-gforces and non-client IP addresses


2. The browser policy for frontend and backend functionality is calculated and enforced independently from each other.


3. The list of supported browsers is reviewed on a calendar-monthly basis.


4. Older browsers which we still need to support (notably Internet Explorer) should employ graceful degradation to ensure the user is still able to carry out the functional requirements or acceptance criteria.


5. Only the latest stable version of browsers which adopt a rapid release cycle will be supported. This is due to the nature of rapid-release, meaning browser support could change on a weekly basis. When a new version of a browser is released, GForces will endeavor to ensure that the NetDirector platform is operable as soon as reasonably possible. GForces will update the NetDirector platform to be compatible with the latest stable version of the browser as soon as reasonably possible. From time time, browser update can reduce functionality of live sites.


6. From January 12th 2016 only the latest version of Internet Explorer (currently IE11) will be supported by GForces, in line with Microsoft's support.


4.1.2 Termination Policy

1. When a browser falls below 3% user base coverage, it will no longer be supported.


4.1.3 Current Supported Browsers


Chrome (latest stable)  Supported  SupportedLatest stable channel:
Chrome (previous releases)  Unsupported  Unsupported
Firefox (latest stable)  Supported  SupportedLatest stable release:
Firefox (previous releases)  Unsupported  Unsupported
Internet Explorer 6 or older  Unsupported  Unsupported
Internet Explorer 7  Unsupported  Unsupported
Internet Explorer 8  Unsupported  UnsupportedIE8 does not support CSS3, HTML5 and Jquery and therefore can not support responsive platforms
Internet Explorer 9  Unsupported  Unsupported
Internet Explorer 10  Supported  Supported
Internet Explorer 11  Supported  Supported
Safari (latest stable)  Supported  SupportedLatest stable version:
Safari (previous releases)  Unsupported  Unsupported