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Multi-Franchise Edition

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Why choose NetDirector® Auto Multi-Franchise Edition?
As the Global Leader in providing digital technology, marketing, and consultancy services for the automotive industry, GForces offers an unparalleled platform. NetDirector® Auto Multi-Franchise Edition allows you to deliver flexible, intuitive services and design across multiple franchises, without compromising brand personality.
NetDirector® Auto Multi-Franchise Edition transforms your website into a hub for all makes and models. But it also delivers an enhanced user journey. Through the integrated valuations and live chat functions, they can interact directly with you and take those crucial first steps towards purchase. And with unrivalled usability and reliability, you can concentrate on running your business instead of your website.
Regular software updates
Keeping your website platform up to date
Highly Converting
Widely recognised as the best performing platform for dealers
Advanced Reporting
On all aspects of your stock
Secure Hosting
All sites built on HTTPS and SSL certified
Dynamic Banners
No need for photoshop or expensive design costs
Responsive Design
Scale to every device, every time
Dedicated Account Manager
Ongoing reviews and regular performance meetings
Full Content Management System
Add, edit and delete pages
Built in Technical SEO
Optimised platform for optimised results
Free Stock Feeds
Stock feeds to portals (as well as integrated stock preparation)
What’s in this Edition?
The NetDirector® Auto Multi-Franchise Edition comes with everything you need to get maximum performance from your website. It's also optimised for dynamic customer engagement, with a n intuitive and scalable design for complete immersion. Whether on mobile, tablet, or desktop, visitors will always be delivered a perfect view.
Each franchise gets the same levels of functionality, and will be found under the same platform and website. And you can manage content such as imagery, banners, and text across each franchise with ease: add, edit, and delete pages with minimal effort . And all the while, the platform's built-in SEO capabilities help make your website stand out even more.
Once up and running, you and your website will be constantly supported with:
  • Regular software updates to ensure that your platform is always at the forefront of innovation
  • Advanced stock reporting to help you analyse performance
  • A dedicated Account Manager to organise regular reviews and performance meetings
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