NetDirector Experience®
Browser Policy

Browser Policy

Due to the cutting-edge nature of Experience and the WebGL technology that is the foundation of the visual output, we are only able to support browser-device combinations that fully support the WebGL standard. For this reason, the Browser Support Policy for Experience differs from that of the main GForces Browser Policy.

4.1.1 General Guidance

1. Statistics for browser support are based on information collected the global usage as defined below.


2. The list of supported browsers is reviewed at least every 3 months.



Older browsers which we still need to support should employ graceful degradation to ensure the user is still able to carry out the core functions of the Experience visualiser. 


4. Only the latest stable version of browsers which adopt a rapid release cycle will be supported. This is due to the nature of rapid-release, meaning browser support could change on a weekly basis. When a new version of a browser is released, GForces will endeavour to ensure that the Experience widget is operable as soon as reasonably possible. From time to time, a browser update can reduce functionality of the Experience visualiser.



4.1.2 Termination Policy

1. When a browser falls below 3% user base coverage, it will no longer be supported. (Exceptions may be made when a browser’s Global Usage is growing and is forecasted to exceed 3% in the coming months).



Browsers not included in the list below can be assumed to be not-supported.


4.1.3 Current Supported Browsers


 Web GL SupportGlobal UsageVersions Supported
ChromeSupportedOver 3%Latest Version
Chrome for AndroidSupportedOver 3%Latest Version
Safari  SupportedOver 3%10+
UC Browser for AndroidSupportedOver 3%Latest Version
Firefox  SupportedOver 3%Latest Version
Internet Explorer  SupportedOver 3%Latest Version of IE11 only
iOS Safari  SupportedUnder 3%10+
EdgeSupportedUnder 3%Latest Version
Opera Mini (All versions)  Not supportedUnder 3%  Not supported
IE Mobile (All versions)  SupportedUnder 3%  Not supported
Firefox for Mobile (All versions)  SupportedUnder 3%  Not supported
Opera  SupportedUnder 3%  Not supported
Opera MobileSupportedUnder 3%  Not supported