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NetDirector® Experience is the real-time vehicle and accessory configuration platform powered by GForces.

NetDirector® Experience delivers an enhanced engagement tool directly to your connected audience, wherever they are, and on any device. Being able to access the configurator from any browser without streaming or cloud-based rendering means fast load times, low infrastructure costs, and smart functionality that adapts to user devices.

From interactive showroom systems that increase footfall and visitor dwell time, to an expansive, immersive digital dealership capable of displaying entire complex model ranges, NetDirector® Experience brings the in-showroom and online buying journey together.


Engage your customers
NetDirector® Experience can be used as a standalone visualiser or configurator on multiple devices, including mobile, tablet, and laptop. Or it can be used to incorporate ultra-detailed imagery onto pop-up or showroom displays.
Explore any angle, colour, wheel option, trim, parts, variant, and even accessories in pixel-perfect 3D, and in up to 4K resolution.
Either way, with NetDirector® Experience, your audience will see the difference, allowing them to explore vehicles in intricate detail, or change them to suit their own personal tastes.
Drive sales
We’ve designed NetDirector® Experience to be utilised as a next-generation, new and used vehicle search tool. Instead of repetitive drop-down menus and static jump points, your prospective buyers can see what they’re looking for right in front of them. With the potential of entire pre-configured stock lists, exploring any vehicle you have available can be done on any device, at any time, anywhere.
That same functionality can also optimise and enhance your marketing activity. With NetDirector® Experience, you can show every conceivable configuration. Imagine being able to build entire campaigns that only focused on your incoming stock, vehicles in-build, and pre-orders. Now imagine enabling vehicle buyers to explore each one in intricate detail before it even reaches the showroom, either from the comfort of their own home or in consultation with a member of your dedicated sales team. NetDirector® Experience can help you do all that and more.
Increase conversion
Conversion is at the core of everything we do. With its full configuration capability and stunning visualisation, including accessories, NetDirector® Experience will deliver ROI over multiple channels. From easy incorporation into ecommerce platforms, to selling accessories online or transforming your stock locator into an enhanced sales tool, NetDirector® Experience will increase conversion and uplift average basket and configuration values. As a result, you’ll see more sales and a greater profitability per unit.
Optimise your vehicle launch campaigns
Put your new vehicle launches in the spotlight with NetDirector® Experience. Build anticipation and reach new audiences through a connected platform that allows you to tap into a user’s inspirations and lets them share their aspirations on social media. They’ll see their own unique expression in a vehicle they want to own, planting a seed of desire that’s hard to ignore, and visible to all their connections.
With NetDirector® Experience, we’ve also created functionality that enables consumers to interact with a vehicle’s key aspects via hotspots. Encourage consumers to discover new features and new models for themselves in a compelling and visual way. This and many of the standard functions of NetDirector® Experience can be used to create outstanding marketing content, from uncovering hidden features to hearing the roar of a new engine for the first time.
An enhanced engagement tool delivered directly to your connected audience, wherever they are, and on any device.

Solution highlights

Visualisers and configurators that work across mobile networks, on large showroom displays, on any website, and within any manufacturer application.

Soft visualisation or full vehicle configuration on any device and browser

Comprehensive analytics and reporting

Easy integration of accessories and dealer-fit options

Reduced infrastructure costs versus legacy server based solutions

A scalable, software based solution

An ecommerce solution for direct online sales

Zero latency - no lost time at interface

Seamless global delivery

Fully configurable user-journey and branding

Adaptable, multi-language platform

Enhance your customer’s experience

Visualisers and configurators that work across mobile networks, on large showroom displays, on any website, and within any manufacturer application.

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From an immersive, next-generation visualiser to an accessories sales tool, NetDirector® Experience is designed to compliment and expand your offering.
Gavin Massey
Production Programme Manager, GForces


Experience new worlds and new audiences with GForces and Viscircle.

NetDirector® Experience is powered by Viscircle. Viscircle are global experts in creating stunning 3D configurators and animations based on WebGL. This allows visualisation that can run flawlessly on end-user devices, from desktop PCs to smartphones. It’s also completely compliant with modern browsers, such as Chrome or Firefox. GForces is a global expert too – in everything automotive.

NetDirector® Experience brings together the best GForces and Viscircle has to offer, in a configurator that offers unrivalled asset quality and attention to detail.

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