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Vehicle Manufacturers

Technology is underpinning much of the accelerated shift in the automotive sector. GForces’ NetDirector® technology coupled with our collaborative expertise can provide you solutions to support vehicle manufacturers in delivering innovative brand experiences to the connected consumer. Through the automation of consumer contact points and management of vehicle lifecycles, we help our clients meet the challenge head-on.
Our R&D team keeps ahead of future trends, such as autonomous driving and advances in mobility, electrification, and connectivity. Our consultative, flexible approach provides bespoke solutions that are right for you and your objectives.
Automotive Business Intelligence (BI)
Powered by NetDirector®
Our NetDirector® BI generates Automotive Business Intelligence to power high-performing strategies and data-driven creative thinking. Organised, consistent, scalable and robust Data Infrastructures are at the core of everything we produce. This means, every digital play out mechanism at your disposal will reflect your brand and products in the best possible way.
Built using the latest MPP infrastructure, NetDirector® drives over one billion car buying interactions across the world. With 14 new interactions recorded every second across the platform, our platform creates greater insight into the automotive industry than ever before.
Combining multiple sources into enterprise level data warehousing technology, we will help you to utilise insights and behavioural analysis to inform your future marketing and product strategies. With a team of in-house analysts on hand to help with anything from a standard report to tailormade vehicle pricing and management solutions, we can shape the outputs you require.