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NetDirector Showroom Displays enable video and still image content to be scheduled and played back across digital screens throughout your dealerships. Utilising digital signage is the ultimate way of creating a dynamic showroom environment which engages consumers in their surroundings whilst on the road to purchase.

NetDirector Showroom Displays can deliver high-definition unique content to each screen within a showroom, allowing highly-targeted communications depending on your requirements. It is possible to transmit tailored marketing messages and schedule them to appear on any display location, in any dealership.

Existing display systems can be adapted, or a GForces-installed system used. NetDirector Showroom Displays utilises cloud-based technology, meaning you don’t need to invest in any further on-site hardware to benefit from it.


• Cloud and local hosting

• Customisable image layout

• Flexible scheduling and synchronisation

• Video, Images, RSS, API feed



• Multiple media supported

• Reporting on delivery

• Tailored to suit business needs

• Leverage brand offers / messages

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Numerous media supported – Video, images, web pages, streamed video, streamed audio and RSS tickers can be fed into NetDirector Showroom Displays offering unrivalled flexibility in creating the most appropriate environment for any motor retail business.
NetDirector Showroom Displays can be tailored to a business’ unique requirements. Screen branding templates can be created to ensure your business is well represented, while a time of day playlist can be created to target the right content at the right time.
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NetDirector Showroom Displays can utilise existing plasma, LCD and LED displays or standalone with an all-in-one integrated solution.

By targeting car buyers with digital signage, retailers can increase the time they spend in the showroom by up to 56% according to research by Nielsen, increasing the opportunity to engage with them and convert them into a sale.

Service promotions, finance deals or any other form of offer that a retailer is promoting can be distributed across multiple screens at any time. Typically, offers are updated monthly or quarterly to ensure variation and renewal of deployed content.

“Integrating GForces’ digital displays into our showroom has transformed our customers’ experience massively. Not only has it increased time spent on-site, but they have been referring to offers seen on-screen. It is the best form of digital advertising we have invested in. It’s so simple and fast to change the creative and most importantly, it has saved us money in offline print ads. Ford has even been impressed with the use of this technology in our showroom, which is a lovely acknowledgement. We now look forward to driving more of this digital strategy into other areas of our business.”

Sonia Hobbs, Marketing Director, SMC