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NetDirector Touch can enable a customer to explore vehicle stock in detail and more dynamically than they could by using a traditional brochure. It can also be used to show videos, imagery and deliver key tactical messages via digital signage integration which is included in the package.

Let customers experience used car stock in your showroom, today.

The connected consumer expects to take charge of the buying process. Much of a consumer’s initial research will have already been completed online, so the showroom experience is now based firmly around fine-tuning the buying decision.

A touch-screen module upon which value-adding assets are available facilitates these fine-tuning decisions, providing extra impetus for a consumer to proceed with a sale. Typically placed in the waiting area or service area, NetDirector Touch can enable a customer to explore your used car stock in one simple location.

A data feed is pulled from NetDirector down to a Touch unit with an interactive interface. This Touch unit will then display used car stock, vehicle information and images of your stock. Videos can also be included on Touch, giving consumers more information at their fingertips.

Data capture in the form of email requests are available.


• Used car Stock locator

• View images and video

• Connected to NetDirector Stock


• Capture and convert leads on-site

• Search all stock

• Search by dealer stock

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Used car search locator as well as group stock or franchise stock search. Available with integration to Showroom Displays.
Large display touch screen on a standalone kiosk. High definition display with customisable branding
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“We’ve found the interactive screens to be a very effective element of our communications. It replaces the requirement and use of printed posters and banners. It has also proved itself as a non-invasive approach for customers to peruse a car, amend the colour, engine size, read real-time reviews and even assess finance options. Customised vehicles can then be emailed to us and we tie up all the loose ends. It has revolutionised the way we communicate and advertise to our customers. The feedback has been very positive and it has enabled us to target them with relevant discounts and offers that they wouldn’t have initially thought of.”

Sonia Hobbs, Group Marketing Director, SMC