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 High-quality online vehicle listings can have a very positive effect on conversion rates – increasing by as much as eight times over those with little or no quality imagery. With new and used cars, consumers want to gain the deepest insight and greatest overview before they commit to a purchase. Increasingly they are looking beyond photography to visualise a car.

Introducing NetDirector Vehicle 360 enables you to offer unrivalled visibility of your new and used products by displaying them online through 360-degrees. A fully automated turntable system films video and captures still images of used car stock, then via a VRM system, automatically assigns these images to the correct vehicle in NetDirector Stock, which can push them onto a live site in a matter of minutes.

NetDirector Vehicle 360 is yet another way in which GForces’ Digital Stock Preparation tools can enable you to present your stock online in the best possible way.


NetDirector Vehicle 360 uses a very simple concept to display your products in the best light. Key to this is speed to market, an area in which Vehicle 360 really begins to excel. Ideally based next to your valet bays, images and video can be captured straight after the car has been cleaned (even by the valet teams). Sales teams will then benefit from the fact that images and video are already appended to the vehicle by the time it is online and ready to sell.

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Create space

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We build it!

Step 3


Capture your stock digitally

Step 4


Watch it appear online

Using the NetDirector Vehicle 360 solution means approximately six cars can be captured, photographed, videoed and be on the client website within an hour.

Syndication to YouTube is also included.

  • Enhance your used stock listings – Online tools are widely available to give consumers an all-round view of new cars; give your used stock parity
  • Transparency – Film your new and used stock and let your customers see what they want to see; the entirety of a car’s exterior
  • Increase engagement – Rich, engaging content like 360-degree videos keep people on your site for longer and increase the chances of them engaging with your brand
  • Appeal to consumers on their terms – Consumers are used to using video and dynamic tools to research potential purchases so let them do this via your website
  • Drive enquiries – A listing with more of the content that a potential buyer wants to see is far more likely to convert them into a lead

GForces has partnered with UKTurntables, one of the leading UK turntable suppliers to deliver a fully functional automated turntable solution.


“Putting the control in the hands of the consumer will be a key part of automotive retail and beyond. They are used to driving and dictating the purchasing process in other industries, and motor retailers need to follow suit. When it comes to online engagement, the display of your stock is one of the key aspects of creating leads. NetDirector Vehicle 360 is yet another way of getting the best from the web and from the cars you are selling.”

Steven Lloyd-Barlow, Digital Media Services Director, GForces



Easy to produce

NetDirector Vehicle 360 videos are quick and easy to produce; the system utilises a vehicle turntable and automated photography and filming to create the end result. A user simply enters the vehicle’s registration and the system will do the rest.


Once a user has set the system up to take images and video of a vehicle’s exterior, it will do so without intervention. Media assets can then be automatically sent to YouTube and a live dealer website depending on the user’s preference.

Embellish vehicle listings

Each 360-degree video and the associated images produced can be augmented against the digital record of the subject vehicle in NetDirector Stock and automatically disseminated to its listing on the front-end of a website.