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Advanced, 3D vehicle renderings

NetDirector Visualiser from GForces is an advanced web tool through which motor dealers and manufacturers can display their new car models more effectively, and enable customers to interact with them. It uses expertly produced 3D renderings of both interiors and exteriors which can be augmented against any background to show off a vehicle in a dynamic setting.

Interactivity is provided in numerous ways. Whether a customer is looking at the interior or exterior of a vehicle, they can control the view through 360 degrees, choosing what they look at and offering a fuller picture of what a car looks like without seeing it in person. By providing this on a dealer or manufacturer website, customers stay longer, can understand more about a car and are more likely to make a digital enquiry or visit a dealership.

The vehicle visualiser is custom-built to ensure that the brand and vehicles it is representing are displayed in the most effective way possible. External 3D renderings are expertly produced by in-house specialists, whilst interior imagery is taken in ultra-high definition. There are a number of additional features that really help vehicles come alive digitally.

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  • Colour options:

NetDirector Visualiser can be configured so that a range of official vehicle colours can be applied to the car on screen as customers’ desire. These options are available for both the exterior and interior (e.g. seat fabric options) of the vehicle.

  • Interior trim:

Just as it’s possible to alter the internal colours, trim types can also be changed by the customer in line with the official options for the vehicle.

  • Wheel options:

Just as colours can be altered, official alloy wheel options can be added and chosen by the customer, offering them an idea of how different trim looks.

  • Background augmentation:

Interchangeable backgrounds enable customers to see a car in a number of different settings, from plain colours to desert roads, giving them more context as to what a vehicle looks like in reality.

  • Infospots:

Whether looking at the outside or inside of a car, users of the visualiser can benefit from interactive infospots which serve to highlight key features. These provide another layer of information to the customer’s buying journey.

  • Continuously updated:

GForces is continually updating the vehicle visualiser for new models, trim, colours and more.

Car buyers are increasingly digital-savvy and are relying on the web more and more during the all-important information-gathering and decision-making stages of the car buying journey. Whilst imagery is important, it isn’t interactive and it can only ever show what the photographer or brand dictates.

There are huge potential benefits integrating a visualiser into a dealer or manufacturer website. It enables potential buyers to understand what the different trim and specification options look like when applied to their desired car, helping them to create a package – online – that they might then want to actually place an order for.

A visualiser also offers new levels of interactivity which elevates a website, keeps customers on it for longer and promotes enquiries.