NetDirector LeadBeast

Makes marketing work


Reduces your cost-per-lead by analysing the effectiveness of individual marketing campaigns.


Unless you know which elements of your marketing are really working, you’re just running blind. Measuring marketing effectiveness is imperative, yet with the myriad marketing solutions and methods available, identifying which offers the best value for money can be very challenging.

In the absence of firm performance data, many motor retailers will allow decision-making to be influenced by extraneous factors – including a reliance on traditional media, habit, personal relationships or ‘gut-feel’. All of this compromises marketing effectiveness. Where web and phone performance data is available, the format and depth of analysis is invariably inconsistent, making it difficult to draw meaningful comparisons.


NetDirector LeadBeast, the world’s first lead tracking tool for multi-faceted vehicle retail marketing programmes, has now been improved. The system consolidates all of the leads and enquiries generated by your sales channels – phone and web – in one easy-to-understand dashboard, enabling you to identify those marketing campaigns that are working and those ones that are not. By also tracking the expenditure on each marketing channel against the leads it creates, accurate cost-per-lead figures are possible.

This is hugely powerful as it helps motor retailers get closer to the ‘holy grail’ of marketing:
£X marketing spend = £Y sales return

NetDirector LeadBeast underpins next-generation web management. Each new NetDirector product, where relevant, works side-by-side with LeadBeast, helping you to constantly evolve your web strategy.

  • User interface lets you identify the source and costs of your leads
    Accurately measure your online or offline advertising performance
  • Track phone calls, website enquiries, online subscriptions, and website interactions
    Monitor the visit trends on your website generated by online and offline sources
  • Slice the information by advertising channels, marketing campaigns or both
    You choose what report matters most; NetDirector LeadBeast will allow you to gain insight into the departments and areas of your business and understand relative performance over any date range
  • Record each advert you publish and enhance your adverts with automatically-generated QR codes, allowing your customers to go mobile directly from a print advert to your website
    Bring traditional advertising into the 21st century

"Being able to manage our campaigns from once central source has allowed us to address key issues in campaigns and highlights those performing strongest so we can better direct our spend. NetDirector LeadBeast is playing a pivotal role in our marketing strategy and has greatly reduced unnecessary noise in the market allowing us to hone in and target directly for more hard leads."

  • NetDirector LeadBeast delivers a wider range of reporting and trends
  • Redesigned from the ground up in 2013 to provide a consistent, visual and informative reporting experience
  • Drill down to the hour and geography of your web traffic and leads
  • Traditional and digital advertising methods track website engagement generated by QR codes and custom links

65% of the Top 200 use NetDirector LeadBeast
See our studies below for a sample of the LeadBeast effect
GForces EIS, 2013

GForces tracked 10 of the Top 200 retailer groups from July 2012 through to July 2013 to establish the impact that NetDirector LeadBeast had on marketing efficiency. Campaign data from all forms of media was monitored via NetDirector LeadBeast to establish how marketing budgets could focus on the most cost-efficient media. Acting on results from the campaign monitoring functionality, the participating retailers experienced an average decrease in cost-per-lead of 43.88%, with the average cost of a lead across all forms of media dropping from £7 to less than £4.

When it comes to online advertising through portals and other display media, NetDirector LeadBeast also assists in fine-tuning stock profiles and driving improved efficiencies. Over the same period, the 10 retailer groups reduced cost-per-lead through online advertising from £13.90 to £5.47. This means that performance of used car advertising on Auto Trader, listings or display banners on third-party websites can all be tracked and tuned to ensure the best ROI.

Client July 2012 CPL Total July 2013 CPL Total Drop in CPL % Drop
Group 1 £6.90 £3.97 £2.93 42.46%
Group 2 £9.63 £2.61 £7.02 72.90%
Group 3 £5.07 £4.35 £0.72 14.20%
Group 4 £12.11 £3.35 £8.76 72.34%
Group 5 £8.06 £2.47 £5.59 69.35%
Group 6 £5.51 £5.41 £0.10 1.81%
Group 7 £7.43 £3.74 £3.69 49.66%
Group 8 £3.87 £2.94 £0.93 24.03%
Group 9 £4.16 £2.48 £1.68 40.38%
Group 10 £4.41 £2.13 £2.28 51.70%
Average £6.72 £3.35 £3.37 43.88%