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Simplifying the aftersales experience.

NetDirector Service Booking Software

According to the latest figures from the Castrol Professional Trend Tracker report, just 24.8% of car servicing was undertaken by the franchised sector. While this figure is stable with that observed the previous year, there is still a big disparity between the franchised and independent sector – which is by far the biggest provider of vehicle servicing.

The reason for customers going outside the franchised network isn’t necessarily down to price itself, but being able to find a price up-front and get what they need quickly, without unnecessary interactions. The fact that over 60% of consumers in a recent GForces’ survey didn't want to speak to a dealer when booking a service bears this out. NetDirector Aftersales Suite helps you do this, taking the vital aftersales element of your business and marketing it online, increasing consumer convenience and making the web more profitable.

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Joined up aftersales solutions for the digital dealership

Aftersales has moved on significantly from the days of car owners being in the dark about scheduled servicing and repairs. They now demand transparency of pricing, and see trust as a huge part of where they get work done on their vehicle. Now, GForces, EMaC and CitNOW are working together to build digital tools that build trust and transparency in your customers.

*GForces commissioned a consumer attitude to Aftersales survey, interviewing 2000 recipients.

“Creating an end-to-end service plan and wider aftersales solution was a long-term goal of ours, and by combining our expertise with EMaC and CitNOW we are now able to deliver this. Bringing these technologies online and feeding industry-best data into them will enable more of the industry to deliver a better product to car owners.”

Tim Smith, Group Strategy Director, GForces