About Campaign Driver

About Campaign Driver

Campaign Driver utilises a multichannel approach combining paid search, email, social, and media assets to boost conversion rates for marketing campaigns. By harnessing multiple elements of digital marketing media you reach a greater number of relevant consumers and achieve greater levels of conversion by giving them all the most relevant information in one place. Each campaign comes with analytical, phone*, web form and live chat** tracking.

Campaign Driver is the ideal tactical marketing solution for:

  • New model launches.
  • Seasonal offers and promotions.
  • Consignment stock.
  • Ageing stock that’s difficult to shift.
  • Service offers to generate aftersales business.
  • Sales and events.
  • Manufacturer or dealer finance offers.



Campaign Driver is a single, easily navigable web page that is part of your site, designed for both mobile and desktop, which contains all of the most relevant content for what it is promoting, making it a supreme SEO tool.

Campaign Driver features the following:

  • Broadcast-quality media assets, including video and high-resolution imagery.
  • Responsive design.
  • Rapid deployment, managed by GForces.
  • All-in-one package – all relevant digital media channels are covered
  • Highly targeted to bring in qualified traffic.
  • Elasticity so you can ratchet budgets up or down dependent upon your desired cost per lead.
  • Targeted email campaign, including design.
  • Integrated response tracking and reporting on telephone, email and chat.

* Only applicable if client uses trackable numbers
** Only applicable if the client uses NetDirector Live Chat