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Sky AdSmart

Postcode-level targeted advertising on the small screen.

Sky AdSmart

GForces is the exclusive partner in delivering Sky Media’s Sky AdSmart product to automotive retailers in the UK. This means that dealers can now benefit from the innovative Sky AdSmart product. We can help devise your campaigns, pick your audience and promote your business through scheduled television advertising on some of Sky’s most popular channels.

About Sky AdSmart
About Sky AdSmart

About Sky AdSmart

Sky AdSmart works by over-laying national scheduled advertising with your advert, direct to households that have an audience within your target area or demographic. Through GForces’ exclusive partnership with Sky, we are bringing pin-point targeted TV advertising to the automotive retail sector.

You can select households based on information derived from Sky’s customer data and consumer profiling from Experian. Advertisers are only charged if a viewer watches over 75% of an advert at normal speed, and it’s possible to cap the number of times an advertisement is shown. In addition, GForces’ Media Services and Marketing expertise enable us to create and run a Sky AdSmart campaign from start to finish.

In Q1 2014, GForces Media Services team devised and filmed a Sky AdSmart advert for Subaru as a key component for launching the new Forester and XV.


“The concept developed by GForces to support our Subarural life campaign hit the brief perfectly, and we are incredibly pleased with the outcome. The location, casting, music and final edit appeal very effectively to our target demographic, and through the use of Sky AdSmart, is far more likely to reach them. The design of both the Forester and XV for those with a Subarural lifestyle was also expertly conveyed. In addition, the content-rich landing page marries with the television advertising, strengthening the message and driving up engagement.”

Haydn Davies, Group Marketing Director, IM Group, 2014

Sky AdSmart Postcode Area Targeting

Sky AdSmart now offers even more precision. With postcode area targeting you can choose from 124 two-letter postcode prefixes, picking the ones that matter to you, ensuring that your advertising is being watched by only the most relevant people.

A further 396 consumer attributes are also available, allowing for millions of permutations based on the desired target audience. New attributes include newspaper readership, job role level, and even a consumer’s taste in fashion.

Relevance in advertising is crucial in today’s market where digital ads are so often based on user behaviour and preferences. Thanks to GForces’ partnership with Sky AdSmart, more motor retailers than ever before can benefit from this immensely powerful, yet affordable advertising medium.


of UK adults regularly ‘media-mesh’ (interact or communicate about the TV content they are viewing). And, 49% regularly ‘media-stack’ (conduct unrelated media tasks while watching TV).

Ofcom, Aug 2013


  • GForces’ market-leading Media Services and Marketing functions mean we can script, film and create a multichannel marketing campaign, based around, Sky AdSmart from scratch.
  • Pin-point campaign targeting means that your adverts will be seen by only the most relevant people.
  • Multiple targeting options including age, gender, location, stage of life and more.
  • Cost effective – priced ‘per impression’ where the target household saw at least 75% of the ad at normal viewing speed and retailers can cap the number of times their advert is shown.
  • ‘Halo effect’ by aligning a local automotive retailer with national and even global businesses.
  • Trackable results via targeted web page click-throughs.
  • Viewer data verified by RSMB, leaders in TV audience measurement, operation and quality control.
Channels Available
View the Douglas Park Sky TV advert here
Sky AdSmart
Sky AdSmart
Sky AdSmart