Vehicle Manufacturer Solutions

Mitsubishi Motors

The key to optimising digital channels throughout a retail network is collaboration. GForces offers an entire range of technologies that Vehicle Manufacturers can use to deliver best of breed digital solutions and leverage economies of scale through centralised or network-wide procurement functions.

We also help people in your organisation learn and engage with the digital tools at their disposal. Our range of Professional Services are often the spark that helps drive significant increases in revenue and conversion across a retail group. From helping manage your digital dealership through to training and developing staff at all levels of a business, we can help you thrive online.

Through our earned expertise and NetDirector technology honed at the very forefront of the automotive retail industry, we put the consumer at the centre of brand immersion. This creates the seamless buying experience a car buyer seeks and bridges the gap between manufacturer corporate web presences and that of their retail networks.

GForces works with manufacturers in numerous markets, including mainland Europe and the Middle East:

  • Full network website solutions
  • Stock management
  • Feed management
  • Used Vehicle Locators (UVLs)
  • Aftersales solutions
  • Finance solutions
  • Network offers management
  • Broadcast quality media assets
  • Digital adoption programs for your retail network
  • Network-wide Total Digital Marketing (TDM) programs
  • Network-wide KPIs and global reporting
  • Internationalisation or localisation of vehicle data

James Crouch, Senior Manager, Marketing and Communications, Mazda Motors UK, 2014

“Mazda has been working with GForces since 2011, creating and developing our UK-first network website solution which was rolled out across all our UK retailers. GForces has worked with us to continuously improve the organic performance of the retailer websites, ensuring that they are easy to find and are converting traffic into leads without additional web advertising spend. The results of this work speak for themselves as across the network between June 2013 and 2014 we have seen organic web traffic increase by over 50%, organic phone leads increase by 111%, leads from web forms up 57% and the cost per lead reduce by almost 50%. These results are of direct benefit to the retail network and are a clear demonstration of the Mazda and GForces partnership working to best effect.”

James Crouch, Senior Manager, Marketing and Communications, Mazda Motors UK, 2014