Facebook Canvas Advertising



Bring your products and brand to life with interactive mobile ads

An astonishing 90% of daily active Facebook users access the world's most popular social media site on their smartphones*, creating a huge potential audience for mobile-compatible online advertising. In the hands of GForces' expert marketers, the Facebook Canvas Advertising platform can generate engaging, immersive and precisely targeted campaigns, using a variety of media including static imagery, mulitple image carousels and tilt-to-view panoramic images, as well as video content.


Why use Facebook Canvas Advertising?

• Accurately targets both conquest and existing customers
• Leads are fully trackable, allowing you to assess the effectiveness of campaigns
• Greater creative input and storytelling, through a mix of media outputs
• Cost is dependent on the number of clicks and impressions, guaranteeing a good ROI 

Success Story

Vantage Motor Group was among the first to trial the Facebook Canvas Ad. With the launch of the all-new Toyota Yaris approaching, they were keen to explore alternative options from the usual multiple image offer-led adverts they ran each quarter. We suggested using their high-quality exisiting website content in a Canvas Ad, which would enable them to reach the right audience with the right message in a fresh, engaging and fun way.

GForces produced a campaign showcasing the all-new Toyota Yaris, which Facebook users could navigate on their mobile by simply scrolling and swiping through interactive imagery of the new model. Users wanting more information could then click through to a dedicated landing page where they could find out more about the Yaris, view offers from Vantage, and ultimately make an enquiry.


They achieved the following results after running the ad for 4 weeks:



“We'd previously used Facebook campaigns using single image and carousel ad types. However, as the launch of the new Yaris was a massive deal for us and we had great content to use, it made complete sense to use the Canvas ad type instead once GForces had introduced us to it. We're so pleased with the results we're already planning to invest in Canvas Advertising for our next model launch later this year"


Claire Canard, Marketing Manager, Vantage Group.



All prices quoted exclude VAT

Creative - £425

Set-up and Social Management - £170

Minimum Advertising Spend - £500 (plus 20% Management Fee)

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*thenextweb.com - '90% of daily active Facebook users access the world's most popular social media site on their smartphones' January 2016