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GForces is the exclusive reseller of Gubagoo live chat and marketing solutions in the UK.  Although GForces is Gubagoo’s sole UK supplier, you don’t have to be a GForces client to take advantage of the industry’s most advanced client communications solution.  All Gubagoo products are available to the entire UK automotive retail market through GForces.

So far, UK Gubagoo Customers have all seen increased website engagement and lead volumes, improved customer experience and maximised conversation rates, but don’t just take our word for it.  Read what our customers have to say:

“One of my concerns was the ability of a team in the USA to understand and respond appropriately to our​ UK enquiries. This has been a bit of a revelation for us, and has been an interesting one to watch.​ On reviewing Some of the transcripts, I felt they were a bit overly friendly and some​ of my colleagues felt the same.

However, what has transpired is that our customers respond really well and as a result, the majority​ of chats are more engaged and offer more information than our previous solution. So the lesson for us has been that customers may initially be a bit reserved, but in the face of genuine enthusiasm and friendliness, they​ relax and have a much more productive chat.

I am looking forward to working with the Gubagoo team over the coming year so, we can further​ enhance our customers experience whilst improving our conversion rates.”

Paula Kemp Marketing and IT Director.

“We’re always keen to embrace new technologies, especially those that open new channels of engagement between our customers and our business. In the first week, Gubagoo handled​ over 500 chats for Swansway – which is more than we received in a full month with a​ previous chat product. More importantly, the quality was great, and we’ve seen a​ significant increase in leads – more than 200 in the first week."

Anna Ling Group Marketing Manager


ChatSmart enables your customers to connect with your dealership quickly and easily. A 24/7 managed chat and texting service allows users to book a test drive, apply for finance, browse stock, or book a service. ChatSmart also enables you to connect with your customers via Facebook, adding a new element to your social media offering and furthering its ROI as a channel.

With Chat VDP, your customers will be able to receive vehicle specs, pictures, videos, as well as parts and financing information all in-chat.


With ResQ, you’ll be able to watch and join chats and texts in real time. You’ll also be able to turn a chat into a live video call for more effective vehicle walk-arounds and demos. In addition, you’ll get full dashboard reporting at an individual sales team member level for full performance analysis.

Real-time notifications mean you’ll always be on hand to send relevant offers or vehicle specs in live chat, helping you secure more appointments and deliver greater customer satisfaction.


Customers are twice as likely to convert when offers are personalised to them. Publisher allows you to deliver relevant incentives and offers to your prospective customers, based on their onsite behaviour. With more relevant offers to your customer base, you can expect higher quality leads as a result.

You’ll also benefit from the assistance of a dedicated Publisher expert to help optimise your strategy – reviewing offers, content and your configuration to ensure you are always making the most of your Gubagoo channels.

Gubagoo allows your customers to communicate with you anytime and anywhere. In return, you’ll be able to track the source of all your Gubagoo leads to help you optimise your digital strategy. Turn your anonymous web visitors into identifiable customers with Gubagoo and GForces.

Key features

  • 24/7 chat management from trained marketing professionals
  • CRM Integration
  • No Licence Fees - Cost per Chat only
  • Zero set-up fees, as well as an easy set-up process lasting less than a week
  • No long term contract, 30 day rolling contract
  • Regular monthly invoices
  • SMS Integration
  • Integrated reporting and analytics
  • Personalised offers and content


Full pricing of each service is available on request. To find our more, contact the team on 01622 391 900 or leave a message using the contact form and one of our team will get back to your shortly.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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